Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Issue while deleting web application or service application in SP 2010

I came across an error while deleting a User Profile Service Application and it mentioned "An update conflict has occurred, and you must re-try this action. The object UserProfileApplication Name=User Profile Service Application was updated by [farm admin id], in the OWSTIMER (ID) process, on machine [machine name]. View the tracing log for more information about the conflict."

Below are the steps I followed to remove the User Profile Service Application with out error.
On the server throwing the OWSTIMER (ID) error I cleared the server cache, by following the below steps -
1. Logged into server throwing the OWSTIMER error.
2. Went to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services
3. Stopped the Timer service by Right click SharePoint 2010 Timer and click Stop

Next I cleared the Server Cache (Win 2008 x64 R2) by following the below steps-

1. Browsed to local drive (c:) on the server
2. Looked for the ProgramData directory.  It is set to be hidden by default. Hit the Alt key -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View and under Hidden Files and folders click the Show Hidden files and folders radio button. Click ok.
3. Next browsed to ProgramData/Microsoft/SharePoint/Config directory
4. Inside this directory there are a couple folders with [GUIDs] as their names. Looked inside each folder until I found the one that has all the .XML documents and the Cache.ini file.
5. Backuped the Cache.ini file and save it in a safe place.
6. Then highlighted all the .XML files and deleted them.
7. Opened up the Cache.ini file and deleted the value inside and replaced it with 1. Saved a close the file.
8.  Went back to Administrative Tools -> Services, right clicked SharePoint 2010 Timer services and clicked Start to restart the services.

Inside the ProgramData/Microsoft/SharePoint/Config directory inside the [GUID] folder that had all the .XML documents and Cache.ini files all the .XML documents that were deleted were starting to repopulate.

Retrying the deletion went through with no error.

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