Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to enable the Three State Workflow in a Document Library in Sharepoint

The Three State Workflow, is by default disabled in Document Library but is enabled in Tasks in the Sharepoint Site.

Here we will see how do we enable the Workflow States which are greyed out by default.


When we open the Document Library and then go to the "Document Library Settings". Then we click on the link "Workflow Settings". We go to a page where we provide the Workflow name and then click on next button. In the other page, we get the section Workflow States and that section is greyed out. So we are stuck here when we try to create the workflow for the document library.


Here we have to create a column with the type of information in that column should be "Choice". And then add three options like, open, resolved and closed. Thats the reason why we call the workflow as 3 state workflow.
Once that column is specified, Now go ahead and create the workflow. Here in the "Workflow States" section you can see the options and the column name coming up without any issues.

If you try the same on the Tasks, you wont be facing such issue,as already that kind of choice column would be already present.

Hope this helps some onw.

How to disable the "New Folder" option in a document library in Sharepoint

When we go to a document library in a Sharepoint Site, we often see an option on the top as "New" which provides us an option to create a new document or new folder.

There may be a requirement which may come up that folder creation should be restricted for a particular document library.

We can follow the below steps to implement the same -

1> Open the Document library and click on "Settings" tab which comes besides the "Actions" tab.
2> Then select the "Document Library Settings"
3> Now go to "Advanced Settings" link and click on it.
4> There you will find out there is a "Folder" section, where it asks "Display "New Folder" command on the New menu?". Select the option as "No".

Then we are done. Go back to the Document library and click "New". you will get only the "New Document" option.

I would this implementation to be done for small Document Libraries. But for large Document Libraries, it is advisable to split the documents into various folders which inturn would improve the performance.

Hope this helps someone.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Installing SP2010 pre-requisites

Installation of Sharepoint 2010 Pre-requisites-

1> 64 bit Windows Server 2008 (2 in no.)
2> IIS 7.0 needs to be installed on web server
3> SQL 2008 is the database server

Steps to install Sharepoint 2010 on web server -

1> To install the O14 sharepoint, firstly run the pre-requsisteinstaller.exe file. This should install the following files and exe

a> IIS server role.

b> Power shell 1.0

c>.NET framework 3.5 SP1

d> MS windows Installer 4.5

e> MS "Geneva framework"

f> MS Synch framework runtime v1.0

g> MS chart controls for MS .NET Framework 3.5

h> MS filter pack 14

i> MS 2008 client utility

2> Once the pre-requsites are installed, executables are downloaded to the local system. Then the Sharepoint Configuration Wizard comes up. Then click on Next which will start the configuration.

It is important to have internet connection on the server as it connects to internet to download the above requirements.