Monday, June 14, 2010

Installing the SMTP and POP 3 Services on Windows Server 2003

I know this would be real old stuff and many would be aware of these. But I would like to share it with respect to Sharepoint where we have to configure the incoming and outgoing mails. I would like to start from the beginning and provide other steps for configuring mails in sharepoint later. Hope you enjoy the post.

1> Click Start --> Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs.
2> Click the Add/Remove Windows components button to the left of the Programs list. The Windows component wizard will appear.
3> Select Application Server and then click on the Details button below.
4> When the Application Server Dialogue box appears, Click Internet Information Services(IIS) to select it and then again click on the Details button below.
5> Tick the SMTP service check box and click OK. Then click OK again in the Application Server Dialogue box.
6> Click OK and in the Windows Component wizard dialogue box, tick the E-mail Services check box. Then click the Details button.
7> verify that both the POP 3 Service and POP 3 Service Web Administration is selected and ticked. Then Click OK.
8> In the Windows Components Wizard Dialogue box, click Next to install all the components.
9> If you have your windows 2003 CD, it will call the folder "i386" and then will install all the components. If you dont have the CD, you need to get a copy of that folder and then run the Component which shall install the components requested.

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