Monday, March 1, 2010

Configuring FBA in MOSS 2007

What is LDAP?
Many a times this question comes up and how can we integrate it with Sharepoint. LDAP stands for Light Directory Access Protocol. In sharepoint, its equivalent to FBA i.e. Form Based Authentication.

FBA in Sharepoint is always recommended for Extranet sites and for the internet sites. The reason for not setting up it in intranet is very nicely explained by Nick in his blog .

Well, coming to configuration for the FBA, I configured it following the steps from the site and this worked as a charm for me.
I am providing the details in brief -
1> Create a website and extend it. Once the website is extended, select authentication as NTLM.
2> Copy and paste the tags which are basically the membership provider registration as mentioned in the site above. make sure that you provide your server name in the tags.
3> Once done, go to Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers
Click on the extended web application, then select authentication type as Forms.
4> then click on Save.
5> Add the LDAP user. Once done, try to access the extended site using the LDAP user that was added.

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