Thursday, September 10, 2009

to find the webparts present in a sharepoint page

It is really important for us to find out the list of web parts present in a sharepoint page. One of the tricks is to just modify the URL and we can can get the list of web parts presnet in that page.

Follow the steps as mentioned below.
1> Suppose we need to find out the web parts in the Home page of the Sharepoint site. We open the URL in the browser.
For example: http://server/pages/default.aspx . Here our aim is to find the web parts present in the default.aspx page of the sharepoint site.
2> Here we need to just modify the URL as
http://server/pages/default.aspx?contents=1 .
Appending ?contents=1 to the URL will provide you the list of web parts on that page.
Hope this helps someone.

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