Friday, June 5, 2009

Error in Eventviewer - Message: Error during encryption or decryption. System error code 0.

The error "Message: Error during encryption or decryption. System error code 0." comes up in sharepoint if the updation of password hasn't taken place properly. In a farm when you have two or more front end servers we become highly dependent on the STSADM command to update the service account credentials. There are two ways to change the password for these kind of scenarios.
1> Using the UI.
2> Using the STSADM commands.

Using the UI

The places where you need to go for a service account password change is as follows -
a> Go for the password change on Sharepoint machines first.
b> In the sharepoint, go to the services using the services.msc in the RUN and then change the password of the services related to Sharepoint.
c> Open the IIS. check for the app pools that are running on the service account. Change the password there. Recycle the App Pools.
c> Open the central admin page then go to operations tab. Then click on services on server link. Then click on the services that are running and change the password there.
d> Click on the Shared Services link on the left side pane. that will open up the SSP which you have configured. Select the SSP and click on Edit properties. There also the password must be updated.
e> Finally, open the SSP and change the password in the default access account.

When we are following the password change using the STSADM commands, try to follow the steps as mentioned below.

Using the STSADM commands

Central Admin

1. stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin [Service Account] -password [Password]

One or more errors deploying administration application pool credentials. Please check the application event log and fix manually. This command must either be used on a server where Central Administration is running, or you must specify the -local parameter.

There was an error encrypting or decrypting credentials. Either a credential update is currently being performed, or you must update the farm account credentials on this server before you can perform this task. Run the above command with -local parameter

App pool password change

2. stsadm -o updateaccountpassword -userlogin [Service Account] -password [Password] -noadmin


NOTE: in case there is an error in the above step saying "please retry manually”. Re-run the above script after opening the Central Admin site.

WSS Search Help

3. stsadm.exe -o spsearch -farmserviceaccount [Service Account] -farmservicepassword [Password]

4. stsadm.exe -o spsearch -farmcontentaccessaccount [Service Account] -farmcontentaccesspassword [Password]


5. stsadm.exe -o editssp -title [Name of SharedServices] -ssplogin [Service Account] -ssppassword [Password]

Office SharePoint Service Search

6. stsadm.exe -o osearch -farmserviceaccount [Service Account] -farmservicepassword [Password]

7. Finally, Manually change the password for “Default content access account”

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